How to Change the Cylinder Head Gasket?

Replacement of the cylinder head gasket from the best head gasket sealer should be done only in the workshop, since the repair is quite expensive and qualified. Even improper disassembly of the cylinder head can lead to significant problems in the future. The cylinder head gasket is a connection between the engine block and the cylinder head. To get to it it is necessary to dismantle the cylinder head with associated units. The screws on the cylinder head must be removed in the correct order, they must also be tightened in a specific order and with the exact force on the torque wrench.

In workshops, as a rule, replacement of the cylinder head gasket is carried out from three to ten hours, depending on the engine. The cost of repairs varies depending on the type of motor and breakdown, mainly between 2,000 and 10,000 rubles. Repair can become even more expensive if cylinder head grinding is required which is carried out on a special high-precision machine.

The most expensive repairs are famous for V-shaped engines, boxer engines and W-shaped engines. More standard hours are spent on replacement, since both cylinder head gaskets are required to be changed.

The cost of the material. In addition to the head gasket and new screws, the oil and coolant should be replaced, since the quality of motor oil and antifreeze in general are likely to have declined due to cylinder head gasket defects. If it comes to oil getting into the coolant, the cooling circuit must also be cleaned.

If the affected engine has a timing belt, you can advise changing it. Removing the engine cylinder head and replacing the head gasket in any case requires the removal of the timing belt. Therefore, if it is not entirely new, then you should take care of its change.

An audit of the water pump should be carried out, also in the workshop they should immediately check the gaps of the intake and exhaust valves (if necessary, they are regulated). If necessary, valve stem seals must also be replaced.

On older cars, it is recommended to examine the cylinder head for cracks. Testing of the dismantled and cleaned head is carried out using a flaw detector and supplying antifreeze to the block head under pressure. Through all existing miniature cracks, the liquid will leak out, issuing them.

In general, this is all the most important information you need to know about cylinder head gaskets. This breakdown is rare, but can hit very accurately. Be careful, and using our advice periodically check your iron horse for ailment. Listen to him, and he will serve you faithfully for many years.